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It’s Al- Imran Ahmed here from Bangladesh. I always like to introduce myself as a programmer though I know very little about programming. But I feel proud to say that I want to know about programming. I think this interest to learn new things is my only strength. When I see a new way of solving problems, a new algorithm, a way of representing data or a new way of doing anything, I feel curious. I told myself “let’s see how is it working? Let’s see why this new thing is better/worse than the existing thing. Let’s see why I should or shouldn't use it”

Educational Background

It would be great if I could tell you that I have chosen programming as my career because I was very interested about it from my school life. Let me be honest, I have touched computer a very few time when I was a school boy. It seemed an interesting magic box to me. Even some of my thinking about computer was such fictional that I haven’t seen any implementation of those thoughts in modern science fiction film yet. I was wrong about that magic box as computer is not anything magical. This is what I am now, I know that computer is not a magic box. It can do nothing until it’s master told it to do(hey, don’t bring artificial intelligence here).

The story behind me being a programmer is not that much interesting because the same story is being staged everyday in this country. It’s 2017, yet in Bangladesh my story is the most common story behind a programmer being programmer. After passing Higher Secondary, I took Bachelor of Science in Computer and Engineering in Daffodil International University for higher study. Nope, I didn’t get chance in any public university. To prove myself talented(though I am not),I have a logical explanation(or excuse) why I didn’t get chance in any public university. After passing Higher Secondary I was preparing myself to be a Doctor but my preparation was not good enough. So, the question is how a person who was preparing himself as a Doctor is now a programmer! The question is interesting but the answer is very common and boring. Here, we don’t choose our path but the path choose us most of the case(am I talking like a philosopher?). But now, I think I was lucky enough not to be a doctor. It’s not that I don’t like doctor as a profession. It’s a novel profession but It’s not my subject of interest. I feel really lucky that I didn’t get chance in any medical college. My excuse: “It is very common that a person who prepared himself for being doctor won’t get chance in any Engineering faculty of top ranked public university(yep, it was interesting that I tried only engineering faculty of top ranked universities of the country, nowhere else)”. Finally, I received my Master of Science in Computer Science from a reputed public university of Bangladesh(Jahangirnagar University)!

I feel proud that I got introduced with programming by some great teachers while completing my bachelor degree. I found programming as the most interesting subject among others. My research paper on Data Mining published in an international conference which was the first time from an undergraduate student in the history of the university(though I was not the only student that time). I came out of my bachelor degree with some good results. I worked as Research Associate in the same university where I got my bachelor degree. Before then I did some part time web development jobs. But I chose web programming as my career after one year of working as Research Associate. So, programming is my profession now.

Skills and Thoughts about Programming

I think programming no less than art and no more than a way of communication with machine. So, how efficiently we can communicate is important here. The list of languages I can use to communicate with machine contains Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript and C. Though most of my professional works till now have been accomplished using PHP. I have worked with several frameworks of PHP like Laravel, Codeigniter, Symfony etc. I think programming language is no more than a tool. Tool to express my logical thoughts that can be understood by a machine. So, I don’t think any of the above programming languages as my strength and I am not a fan of any language. I think the strength of a programmer is his thinking capability. His capability of solving problems. Knowing mathematical signs is not something that a mathematician should be proud of but solving mathematical problems is his real pride.

Professional Background

If I want to talk about my professional career, it’s little bit interesting. I started my career as a web developer. But then I joined in Daffodil International University where I was cooperating with students and sharing new thoughts. It was a good time, it was interesting and it was a very important learning phase of my life. Then I moved backed to web developing as I was feeling like I shouldn’t live without real programming. The programming that solves real problem. That’s pretty much it. Now, I am working as a Senior Software Engineer in a software firm called Media365. I am enjoying every bit of my career.

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